David Duff

Guitar Tutor

David loves guitar, and it shows in how he teaches his students. David has been around music since he was little. His first experience on stage was when his uncle Mark gave him a tambourine resulting in he and his brother playing the tambourines on stage with his uncle’s band. David started out his interest in guitar when he started to teach himself a Foo Fighters song on the radio. After three years of teaching himself, he decided to study music. Studying for two years at NMIT/NSOM contemporary music course David got the opportunity to work with many other young musicians and perform in several bands. David has a vast knowledge of many genres of music from jazz, blues, rock n roll, classic rock, heavy metal and pop. David’s style of teaching is simple “Make it fun, give them a reason to pick up the guitar”. David is a very popular teacher at SOUNDSTAGE and he produces a very high quality of student, all of which are disciplined and passionate about guitar.